Music Oracles boxed Deck of cards

Music Oracles

  • $14.99

The perfect gift for those with an eclectic taste, who just can't get enough of their musical idols!

Horoscope aficionados , astrology enthusiasts , and die-hard music fans can use the Music Oracles to ask history's most famous music icons for advice on attitude, lifestyle or inspiration.

Are you suffering from creative block? Struggling to make a difficult life decision? Find out what David Bowie, Grace Jones , Maria Callas , Amy Winehouse and other great artists would have done.  Simply select a card from the  pack and channel the oracle's advice on attitude, lifestyle or inspiration to make any obstacle surmountable.

Get advice from the likes of :

Beyince,  Kendrick Lamar,  Prince,  Madonna ,  Bjork,  Miles Davis,  John Lennon & Edith Piaf.....