Corgi Butt Bandages boxed

Corgi Butt Bandages

  • $5.50

18x SELF-ADHESIVE BANDAGES for kids and the young at heart looking to turn that frown upside down with the cutest bandages ever! Hips don’t lie and you won’t cry when you cover your boo-boo with these funny Corgi Butt Bandages .

EASY TO REMOVE NONSTICK BANDAGES: Designed to cover and protect minor cuts and scrapes, each bandage is individually wrapped and comes with a nonstick pad that does not stick to the wound and is easily removed.

They're as functional as they are cute STERILE & LATEX-FREE BANDAGES: Perfect addition to your first aid kit kids to keep at home or take on the go, each box includes 18 of these novelty self adhesive bandages that are individually wrapped and ready use