Go Pure- Portable Water Purifier

  • $24.95

 Drop it in a water bottle or pitcher for the whole family. Its made from highly-porous ceramics that absorbs impurities and releases trace minerals t balance the PH levels of your water. 

Besides fixing alkalinity, each pod filters out lead, arsenic, chlorine , and other contaminants you don't want in your system. It's all in its Diatomite. This naturally-occurring, fine-grain rock has been in Earth's waters for over 20 million years and has been used historically in different filtration systems.

Its a great gift for adventure travelers, runners , really anyone who cares about the the quality of their water and the environment . 

Using GoPure is also good for the environment. You can purify any potable water instead  of drinking from plastic bottles, which creates less plastic waste.  Plus the Makers donate 1% of profits to planet-protecting organizations . 

With all the NATURAL DISASTERS happening  today ,it can be of use when any potable water system gets contaminated .