Lapcos Variety 7 Mask Set Plus Exfoliating Pad pack

  • $19.99

We are all obsessed with these beauty masks from Korea. This is a set of 7 single use sheet masks with an exfoliating pad to cover a full range of rejuvenating and skin care benefits.

Milk mask replenishes and hydrates dry skin.   Honey mask provides elasticity, leaving skin velvety soft.   Pearl mask promotes a healthier complexion and improves skin tone.   Charcoal mask detoxifies and tightens pores.    Aloe mask moisturizes and soothes stressed out skin.   Aqua masks provides vitality and moisture to dehydrated skin.   Collagen mask provides nutrition and smoothness to dull skin.  

These are easy to use , instructions on back of each. Leave on 10-20 minutes.